The Grapevine


The deadline for sending in copy is the 10th of the month, for publication two weeks later. Articles should be limited to approximately two hundred words, if possible, although general interest subjects may need more space. Please contact the Editor – Jeremy Whyman, if you would like to submit longer pieces – we are always pleased to receive items for inclusion. The Grapevine is available on the website by 18th of that month, e-copies are sent out at the same time by request, and printed copies delivered to households in the three Parishes by 25th.

The Grapevine is partially funded by the Parish Councils, Charlecote Parish Meeting and the Parochial Church Councils of Hampton Lucy, Charlecote and Loxley. Advertising by local service providers also plays a significant role in the funding of the newsletter, as well as being a useful resource for both advertisers and readers. If you would like to advertise, please contact the Editor: who can advise you on the charges and the availability of space.

If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement of the newsletter please contact the Editor. We are always pleased to receive offers of help with editing, proof-reading and delivering The Grapevine.

There is a complete archive of The Grapevine from July 2003. If you would like PDF copies of any of these, or wish to look back through the archive generally, please contact the Editor.



Issue 204 November 2018
Issue 203 October 2018
Issue 202 September 2018
Issue 201 July and August 2018

ISSUE 200 – 20th Birthday Colour Edition! June 2018

Issue 199 May 2018
Issue 198 April 2018
Issue 197 March 2018
Issue 196 February 2018
Issue 195 December 2017 and January 2018
Issue 194 November 2017
Issue 193 October 2017
Issue 192 September 2017
Issue 191 July and August 2017
Issue 190 June 2017
Issue 189 May 2017
Issue 188 April 2017
Issue 187 March 2017
Issue 186 February 2017
Issue 185 December 2016 and January 2017
Issue 184 November 2016
Issue 183 October 2016
Issue 182 September 2016
Issue 181 July and August 2016
Issue 180 June 2016
Issue 179 May 2016
Issue 178 April 2016 Revised
Issue 177 March 2016
Issue 176 February 2016
Issue 175 December 2015 and January 2016
Issue 174 November 2015
Issue 173 October 2015
Issue 172 September 2015
Issue 171 July and August 2015
Issue 170 June 2015
Issue 169 May 2015
Issue I68 April 2015
Issue 167 March 2015
Issue 166 February 2015
Issue 165 December 2014 and January 2015
Issue 164 November 2014
Issue 163 October 2014
Issue 162 September 2014

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