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River Avon Navigation

The Parish Council has sent a letter to the District Council you can read it here.
Several documents have be produced on this subject by Stratford District Council and the Avon Navigation Trust and both can be read here.

Hampton Lucy is small parish (see Map) with 395 people on the electoral roll in March 2016. As a result, it has a small Parish Council of 5 members and a clerk. The council is made up of Chris Schroeder (Chair), Jim Dobson (Vice-Chair), Elizabeth McKenna, Carol Matthews, Jeremy Whyman, and John Dunkerton (Clerk).

The council meets every two months at 7.30pm in the village hall on the second Wednesday of the month. Do come along, you are very welcome.

All councillors have responsibility for planning matters but Chris Schroeder also keeps an eye on the King George Playing Field and the Parish Field as does the clerk.

The agenda and minutes are sent out by e-mail and also put on display on the Parish notice board by the letter box. If you have any queries or would like an item to be considered for the agenda, then get in touch with John Dunkerton on e-mail or 017879 842573.

Please let John Dunkerton have your e-mail address if you haven’t already. It is a much better way of keeping informed and up to date.

Do let him know if you are interested in having an allotment.


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