Our Youth Club


The Hampton Lucy Youth Club is held in the Village Hall every other Thursday night between 6.00pm and 8.00pm for children aged 8 – 16.

Forthcoming date…
Please see The Grapevine.

It’s a great place for young people to regularly meet with friends, practise new activities and develop new friendships in a safe group setting which also offers structured actives such as art, drama, disco and sport in the summer months in the King George VI field. Youth clubs help people to gain a sense of belonging where they can learn physical, social and emotional skills, building their confidence and resilience for the future whilst having fun.

The children are very involved in the creation, decision making and running of the club to make sure it’s a place that they really enjoy and can be proud of. It is also possible for older children to help out at the club to earn their Duke of Edinburgh or Young Leadership Awards.

The club has been created thanks to the support of the children in the village who gave their ideas in early 2016, the John Lucy Trust, the Parish Council, the Heart of England, the Crime Beat Fund and Warwickshire County Councillors Fund.

  • 6.00pm – 8.00pm
  • Ages 8 to 16 welcome
  • £10 annual fee + £1.50 per session
  • Every alternate Thursday
  • Snooker, table tennis, table football, skittles, air hockey, tuck shop, arts & music, cinema and activities

If you would like to join please come along on any of the following dates below or contact us.

If you are a parent and would like to get involved or offer your ideas about activities and demonstrations please call 07880 888501 or e-mail.